America the Wonderful

Celebrating our heritage

Celebrating our heritage

The Declaration of Independence was a bold move by our forefathers to push forth an idea that has become an ideal across the globe.  Of course, jealousy of our system means that we must constantly defend it against those who would want to change it to their will.  This protection of our liberty is accomplished by brave men and women who serve our Country everyday. Elected officials and those who promise to protect and serve, both in the military and our police forces do an important job. Most importantly, by each of us, who are vigilant to remember that what we have is unique and worth saving and protecting.

This 4th of July, as you celebrate with family, food and fireworks, stop and take a moment to reflect on how truly fortunate you are.  America is an amazing place, and it is made up of mostly hard working people who care about their fellow man.  It is made of people of Character, who help those in need and celebrate differences.  It is made up of all colors and races and genders.  A common people who live, work and play together with an understanding that together we stand, divided we fall.

Celebrate your 4th with joy and appreciate America the Wonderful.


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