Creating a Legacy

It has always been my contention that each of us has the power to leave a legacy.  Some of us do it through monetary gifts to organizations that we believe in.  Others do it through the power of volunteering, providing support to something they are passionate about.  I am fortunate to do it through story telling and representation of our 26th President.

I hTheodore Roosevelt Camp drawingave been blessed with many wonderful testimonials of support for what I do from many adults, but it is by far the most gratifying when I hear from children who have met me, who write and thank me for teaching them about someone I feel they need to know about.  Most children are gloriously “filter free” and will tell you what they think.  “You are not him, you are dead”  is one I hear once in a while that still makes me laugh.  I simply smile and reply “I am standing right in front of you as fit as a Bull Moose!”

I will be totally honest – my life is much more fulfilled through having a legacy to leave.  It has become very important to me that during the time I spend on this planet, I leave something positive behind.   We all have the capability to be a positive force, but it is a choice, not a mandate.  That is unfortunate, for there is no greater feeling in the world than knowing you made a positive impact on another.  Said another way – discover your opportunity to make a difference. You will be amazed at how much impact you can make.


One thought on “Creating a Legacy

  1. 27 July 2019-It was an honor and a privilege to meet President Theodore Roosevelt at his camp on the Cannon Valley Trail, near the Welch, Minnesota trailhead. His insightful comments pertaining to the infancy of our current National Parks System was very interesting and clearly outlined his desire that future generations would always benefit from having these special places readily available to them for solace and a renewal of spirit that comes from visiting the grand chapels of the great outdoors! Well done, Mr. President!

    A statesman, a family man, a military man and a visionary; there’s something for everyone! Take a friend, take your family and take a trip back in history; you’ll be glad you did! If only we could have as free a dialog and connection with today’s leadership! If only….

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