New Year with Gusto

On the Set with Roosevelt

On the Set with Roosevelt

The new year is starting with a very busy schedule of events, theater and more.

I am finalizing a one man play entitled “Roosevelt”! that will premier at the Donna Reed Theater in February.  This is an exciting time as I pull together the set, finalize the script and add the elements that make a play engaging, memorable and entertaining.  Roosevelt himself said “It is better to wear out than rust out” and there are many days where being worn out is how I finish my day.

When I envisioned how the set would look, I decided to recruit my artist friend to help me develop the concept.  We both agreed that an easy to set-up set was important, but that it had to truly set the stage of the “largess” of the man.  As you can see by a few of the elements as we stand in front of  a portion of the set, I found the right helpers!  The amazing part is that two people can snap together the panels in less than 10 minutes and entire ensemble stores flat and is designed to get through a standard door. (it was designed for theaters, so that other part was more about getting it out of the house once we built it)

This set will be used in inside events I do only, and mostly Theaters.  However, there may be a few opportunities where I could include it in other Roosevelt presentations, such as the one I just did for the Mountain Lake Historical Society, which you can read about in the “Travels with Teddy” portion of this blog.

My calendar is filling fast and I am blessed to be able to recreate a most amazing man.  I am looking forward to the adventures!