Corporate events

I do many Corporate events a year. Each is customized to the audience, but most often revolve around the importance of leadership and how to develop the leader within yourself using Roosevelt’s examples.

My work for business often includes:

  • Keynote or other speeches
  • Tradeshow booth
  • Leadership, team motivation and skills training
  • Meet and greets
  • Parties
  • Fundraising
  • Promotional
  • Project launches or corporate culture objectives

Here are some testimonials for my work:

“Adam / TR was the keynote speaker at the Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates (ACFSA) International Conference and presented our group with the 7 Principles to Great Leadership. Adam’s knowledge of the life of TR makes him appear to be the real person. The philosophies of TR are still as applicable in 2016 as they were over 100 years ago and Adam makes you feel like you are listening to TR in person. He has a natural talent for working a crowd and keeping them engaged. He did not disappoint and we were very pleased that we hired him.”

   Tim – ACFSA Vice President

“Your presentation was right on point for our customers!  We received so many wonderful comments from our guests.  What was so entertaining is how Teddy Roosevelt captures our attention and interest as he speaks about his life experiences and reminds us of the impact he had on our lives, whether through his preservation of endangered wildlife and national park lands to food and drug regulations.  Your presentation was enhanced by your awesome set design, costumes and mini museum.  Thanks again for bringing history to life for our guests. So enjoyable!”

  Carol – Think Bank customer appreciation program

To discuss your event, please call me at 612-385-2926 or email me at

I have many different programs that address common goals:

Leadership – Team Building – Identifying the big idea – Creating your personal brand – Customer Service – Goal setting

I easily accommodate custom programs, so feel free to contact me with your goals and ideas! My job is to make you look good and deliver an amazing experience.  Contact me and let’s talk about your event!

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