Creating a Legacy

It has always been my contention that each of us has the power to leave a legacy.  Some of us do it through monetary gifts to organizations that we believe in.  Others do it through the power of volunteering, providing support to something they are passionate about.  I am fortunate to do it through story telling and representation of our 26th President.

I hTheodore Roosevelt Camp drawingave been blessed with many wonderful testimonials of support for what I do from many adults, but it is by far the most gratifying when I hear from children who have met me, who write and thank me for teaching them about someone I feel they need to know about.  Most children are gloriously “filter free” and will tell you what they think.  “You are not him, you are dead”  is one I hear once in a while that still makes me laugh.  I simply smile and reply “I am standing right in front of you as fit as a Bull Moose!”

I will be totally honest – my life is much more fulfilled through having a legacy to leave.  It has become very important to me that during the time I spend on this planet, I leave something positive behind.   We all have the capability to be a positive force, but it is a choice, not a mandate.  That is unfortunate, for there is no greater feeling in the world than knowing you made a positive impact on another.  Said another way – discover your opportunity to make a difference. You will be amazed at how much impact you can make.