Schedule, Testimonials & More

PUBLIC APPEARANCE SCHEDULE  (see where I have been at the bottom of the page or in Travels with Teddy)


Jan 28 – Hunter Education Banquet, Mahoney State Park, NE

Feb 10 -Warren Township Senior Services, Gurnee, IL. 1:00 pm

Feb 11 – National Museum of the American Sailor, North Chicago, IL. 1:00 pm

Mar 2 – Suiteliving, Burnsville, MN 10 am

Mar 31 – Freeborn County Historical Society ( Albert Lea) “Night at the Museum

April 24 – SALT Program, Burnsville, MN 9:30 am

May 11-13 – Fort Kearney Outdoor Expo, Kearney, NE

June 2-4 – Fort Sisseton Historic Park – Sisseton SD

July 4 – Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center, Superior, WI

July 31 – Elysian Public Library

August 27 – John Hay Estate “The Fells” ,  Newbury, NH “TR returns to the Fells” 4PM children’s program. 5 PM adult program. Tickets available at

August 28 – Coburg Village,  Rexford, NY 7:00 PM

September – Ponca Outdoor Expo., Ponca, NE (TBD)

September – River Rendezvous, Bloomington, MN (TBD)

Oct 4 – Apple Valley Senior Center, TR and the FBI, 11 am

Oct 19 – Alsip-Merrionette Park Public Library District , Chicago 6:30 pm

Oct 20 – Warren Township Senior Services, Chicago 1 pm


April 22 – SALT Program, Burnsville, MN 9:30 am. TR, Wilderness Warrior


From Cole: My field trip experience was very exciting! There was so much to see and do. I really liked the Teddy Roosevelt activity because the guy that was dressed like him looked exactly like him. I also really enjoyed the Archery because it showed you how to shoot an animal with a bow and where to shoot it. The Big game activity was very interesting because you got to hold horns and got to see all the sculls of all the deer and there was a very big elk scull too.When we went to the survive in the wilderness we learned how to build a teepee and a fire and how to get clean water with filtering it. The Science one was very cool because the Detritivores and Decomposers break down gross things. We got to make our own creatures and it was so fun to make them! Thank you for sharing your time and experience with us on our Field Trip.

From Sophyra:

My favorite part of the field trip is Everything. The one thing is President Ground squirrel’s story and i sat in his chair and acted like Mrs. Roosevelt.  Thank you for  letting us come and letting us go to the Fort Kearney Expo. It was awesome. Thank you once again. We all loved it. President ground squirrel’s story is so sad. It was about his lifetime before he was president..


This is your honor field trip. My favorite part of it was President “ground squirrel “or archery. My favorite thing about President ground squirrel was That he explained about his early life, and he told us that when he was younger he had asthma  and his sister had a spine problem. His dad once said that when he got another asthma attack he would have to go out of town.One time and asthma attack they went out ofhand kicked him out into the grass and he got fresh air. okay now my favorite part of archery was that I figured out that I was left handed at archery and it was really fun to shoot a bow and arrow. Thank you so much Outdoor Expo I had a very fun time.

From Caleb:

       On our field trip we went to Fort kearny. I had so much fun. First we went to learn about Teddy Roosevelt which was my favorite part of it all. The second thing we did was archery which was also so fun I shot the fake deer in the right antler which no one has done before they said. The third thing we did was see snakes which was awesome. I learned so much about snakes.  After the snakes we ate lunch which I was so hungry. Next we got to go fishing. Unfortunately I did not catch anything, but I did snap my line. Lastly we went to go play outdoor games and run around. This was all so fun I am looking forward to this next field trip.

From Ethan:

On our field trip this year, we went to Fort Kearney. We did archery, fishing, diy outdoor games, snakes, and Theodore Roosevelt. My favorite was Theodore Roosevelt because my favorite subject is social studies, and I liked how he told his life story and all the stuff he talked about.

“It was amazing to see you bring Teddy to life for our Members!  It truly was the best surprise and delight of the experience.”

Beth Ann, Annual Meeting

refreshing and informative presentation yesterday at Applewood Pointe.  Your storytelling skills, your thoroughness of presentation and your acknowledgment that another Teddy was in the room was outstanding”.


“It was an honor and a privilege to meet President Theodore Roosevelt at his camp on the Cannon Valley Trail, near the Welch, Minnesota trailhead. His insightful comments pertaining to the infancy of our current National Parks System was very interesting and clearly outlined his desire that future generations would always benefit from having these special places readily available to them for solace and a renewal of spirit that comes from visiting the grand chapels of the great outdoors! Well done, Mr. President!

Visitor – TR Camp.

A statesman, a family man, a military man and a visionary; there’s something for everyone! Take a friend, take your family and take a trip back in history; you’ll be glad you did! If only we could have as free a dialog and connection with today’s leadership! If only…

 Larry – USAF- Retired

Was lucky enough to meet President Roosevelt today at the Waterville public library. He was fun, funny, engaging and informative. A great treat for kids and adults. Fascinating to talk to. I was absolutely de-lighted. Thank you very much for what you do.”

Kyle – Deelighted audience member at a library program

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation last week! Our volunteers have had nothing but complimentary things to say about you. As I mentioned, this was the first time we had a guest speaker at our banquet and you really knocked in out of the park. Thank you for your time and enthusiasm. It was a pleasure working with you and we will absolutely recommend you to our partners as a presenter and keep you in mind for future programming at Sherburne”

      Jessica – Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge

“I can not over state how enjoyable your presentation was.  Everyone had a great time.  Thank you very, very much!!!”

     Dan – Savage Masonic Center

“Wow! What a wonderful presentation at University of Minnesota Rochester. Adam’s portrayal and message about conservation was heartfelt and positive. This was a perfect fit for UMR’s community outreach program., UMR Connects. Thank you!”

    Anne – University of Minnesota UMR Connects

“We have been inundated with praise of your performance – both from the parents of youth in the afternoon and community members in the evening”

    Chuck – Big Foot Community Fine Arts Foundation

“Adam / TR was the keynote speaker at the Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates (ACFSA) International Conference and presented our group with the 7 Principles to Great Leadership. Adam’s knowledge of the life of TR makes him appear to be the real person. The philosophies of TR are still as applicable in 2016 as they were over 100 years ago and Adam makes you feel like you are listening to TR in person. He has a natural talent for working a crowd and keeping them engaged. He did not disappoint and we were very pleased that we hired him.”

   Tim – ACFSA Vice President

“A continuous stream of appreciation flows concerning your presentation last Friday Evening. You already have my salute, but I want you to know there is a chorus of approval for your work.”

  Rev. James, Director –  The Institute of Theological and Interdisciplinary Studie

“Adam, thanks again for your help, you did amazing! We had so many comments on how great you were.”
  Rachel – Washington D.C National Park Service, Centennial event

“WOW!  What a great visit we had last week from you!  It was such an awesome experience to provide for the Roosevelt students!!!  Thank you so very much for imparting your wisdom and knowledge to our school community!”

  Ann, Principal – Roosevelt Elementary School

“I was most impressed…and very thrilled to have you here. The night was just wonderful.  You truly have a gift in being “Teddy.” You are sharing a wonderful biography of a person bigger than life…who really helped make America what it is today!  I think it would be wonderful to have you back to Luverne sometime to do a presentation during the school year.  I believe the students at school would learn a lot about determination and dedication to a life’s calling and mission.”

  Jane, Executive Director – Luverne Chamber of Commerce (Local event and 125th Anniversary Minnesota State Parks celebration)

“Thank you so much for making our Blue and Gold such a wonderful event.  I heard great feedback from both parents and scouts…a true success!   I will be sure to refer you to others.  It was a pleasure working with you.  Thank you for your professionalism and entertainment”

  Kris – Boy Scout Troop Leader

“I have received very positive feedback!  You were great.”

  Janet – Geneva Lake Conservancy fundraiser

“Thank you for your well-received presentation.  I heard a lot of good comments and will certainly share our experience with anyone who is looking for an entertaining speaker.  Good luck to you as you carry forth the wise words of T.R.”

  Jan – MN Valley UU Church

“Adam, just want to say “thanks again” for a wonderful afternoon.  I hope you gathered how well you were received.  We heard many, many great comments.”

  Edna –  Senior Fellowship Ministries, Salem Covenant Church

“Your presentation was right on point for our customers!  We received so many wonderful comments from our guests.  What was so entertaining is how Teddy Roosevelt captures our attention and interest as he speaks about his life experiences and reminds us of the impact he had on our lives, whether through his preservation of endangered wildlife and national park lands to food and drug regulations.  Your presentation was enhanced by your awesome set design, costumes and mini museum.  Thanks again for bringing history to life for our guests. So enjoyable!”

  Carol – Think Bank customer appreciation program

“Thank you for attending the (Fort Kearny Outdoor) Expo.  You received many positive comments over the three days.  From the kids to our administration, they were very pleased with your presentation and set-up.  In fact, presenters told me the kids were reporting you as their favorite activity. We hope to have you back next year for the 10th anniversary.”

   Julia – Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

“We were so happy you could join us and be part of our day. You played a big role in making it such a success!   Thank you!”

Christine – Science Museum of Minnesota, launch of IMAX National Park Adventure

“Thank YOU for an outstanding presentation. You were so engaging and the students from all age levels (parents included) truly enjoyed it. Thank you also for your willingness to be spontaneous when we had all those extra kids that we did not expect! A surprise to us both. We were thrilled to have you share Teddy with us, what a delight! “

    Suzi – Classical Conversations

“Adam Lindquist’s portrayal of Teddy Roosevelt was amazing! His appearance, demeanor and historical knowledge of this famous President was so realistic that you literally felt that you had stepped back in time. I was also in awe of his ability to answer tough questions from the audience that proved his vast knowledge of the 26th President, and he also related his presentation to include historical information about the President’s visit to our town. Adam interacted with both children and adults at our presentation and I heartily recommend him to anyone who wants to experience this incredible history.”

  Laura, Executive Director – Steele County Historical Society

“I had great things said from our residents about you and your stage presence.  Wonderful job!  I am passing your name on to my colleagues.”

   D.D. – Summit Place Senior Campus

“I want to thank you again for your appearance at Pilgrim House – I can honestly say you were a big hit.”

   Mel – Pilgrim House UUA

“If you are ever looking for a fantastic presenter, I would highly recommend Mr. Lindquist.”

   Joe Speck – Mankato Times

“Teddy Roosevelt” was one of the best presentations we have had in our quarter century of historical reenactment.  His attention to detail and ability to hold “character” throughout the day, brings to life an unforgettable performance. I recommend Adam Lindquist for your event or special occasion without reservation.

   Perry Vining, Founder/Coordinator, Big Island Rendezvous and Festival – Midwest’s Largest Early America Reenactment

“We heard you were good, and you lived up to every expectation we had.  You did such a good job that the questions were addressed to Teddy Roosevelt, not Adam!  54 people came out on a freezing night…and not a one was disappointed. Thank you!”

  Mary – Madison Lake Area Historical Society

“Thank you for helping make [our event] a success.  I was especially surprised when my oldest son told me that we should have more speakers like Teddy Roosevelt, because he was really good! This from a man not really interested in history!”

   Jane – Rapidan Chautauqua

“When I saw Adam Lindquist present his rendition of Teddy Roosevelt in Golden, CO at the 2011 Buffalo Bill Birthday Bash, I was convinced that he stepped right out of a history book! His wardrobe, dialect, and delivery was 100% Teddy Roosevelt!!!”

   Susie Knight, Cowgirl entertainer, 2013 AWA Female Poet of the year

“Patty and I enjoyed the Teddy Roosevelt reenactment. The talk about the final line in the Declaration of Independence was outstanding…Thank you”

   Gary and Patty – visitors to the TR camp in LeCenter, MN

“I wanted to thank you.  I am a retired History and Sociology teacher.      I learned more about Theodore Roosevelt in your entertaining presentation than I ever did in 40 years of teaching”

   Retired Mankato Minnesota History Teacher – at the Rapidan, MN Chautauqua

“Great seeing you again, TR. I enjoyed your presentation and learned a lot.  And, as you mentioned, so did my high school history teacher.”

   Lonesome Ron – Cowboy Singer / Entertainer

“Adam was asked to perform and entertain our customers. Most of my customers are professional re-enactors, so for him there is probably no tougher crowd. He had them in the palm of his hand from start to finish”

    Jim – River Junction Trade Company, Corporate customer

“For us, there is only one Teddy!”

   Doug – NWTF, Corporate customer

“Our school hosted Theodore Roosevelt at our school picnic this spring. Our children and staff will never forget the experience! At the end of the school year our students vote for the “Top 10” things about Forest Hills Elementary and this was at the top.”

    Sara – School Resources Director

“First, I just wanted to say thank you again for your great work with us in Utah and New Mexico.  The campaign is working!  In the President’s State of the Union address he said, he would use his authority to protect more public land.  This is the first time he has spoken about protecting public lands in this speech.  Then a few days later a Washington Post article ran saying President Obama is ‘poised’ to protect the Organ Mountains.  We are putting the correct pressure and support on this Administration and  you have been a big piece of that”

    Enviroment America



The Washington Post


The Associated Press

The Washington Examiner

ABC News

The National Press Club

The Miami Herald

Lonsdale News

Southern Minnesota’s Scene Magazine

Minneapolis / St. Paul Magazine


Omaha World Herald



Mankato Free Press

History come alive for kids in Superior

..and many more

Recommended Reading

I am asked often what books I recommend to get a glimpse of Theodore Roosevelt.  I have read many and I am highlighting only a select few because of either the uniqueness of the story, or the quality of the research.  I have been told there are over 600 books on or including Roosevelt, and many more will be written in the future.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey by Candice Millard
  • Mornings on Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt by David McCullough
  • Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris
  • The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris
  • The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism by Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America by Douglas Brinkley
  • Colonel Roosevelt by Edmund Morris
  • African Game Trails: An Account of the African Wanderings of an American Hunter-Naturalist by Theodore Roosevelt
  • Theodore Roosevelt: A Life by Nathan Miller

Roosevelt himself wrote over 38 books and was a best-selling author. I would recommend any of them as a great read and have listed one above I especially enjoy because of the adventure.

I appreciate recommendations and donations of Roosevelt books for my continued research and for sharing, so if you have a volume you think I would enjoy, please contact me!

Schedule Review – where I have been!

2016 Events

  • Jan – Whew!  Busy Month – Thank you to all the wonderful people I met!
  • Feb – Wow, what a great month!  Thank you to all!
  • March – Thank you Boone County, Science  Museum and Abbotsford along with the rest for a great month!
  • April 1 – Private event, MN
  • April 4 – Abiding Savior Lutheran Church, Mounds View, MN
  • April 10 – Private event, Omaha, NE
  • April 13 – Grammercy Park, Plymouth, MN
  • April 16 – University of Scouting, MN
  • April 22 – Private event, Lake Geneva, WI
  • April 25 – Nerstrand Elementary, MN
  • May 5-8 – Fort Kearney Outdoor Expo, Kearney, NE (TR CAMP)
  • May 10 – Private event, MN
  • May 14-14 – Private event, McGregor, IA
  • May 15 – Private Event
  • May 16 – Sholom Home, MN
  • May 30 – Memorial Day
  • June 11-12 – Private event, Isle, MN
  • June 18 – Missouri National Recreation River (NPS), SD.   Lake Yankton Outdoor Festival, Pierson Ranch State Park 10:00am – 3:00 pm (TR CAMP)
  • June 20 – Private Event –  Hastings, MN
  • June 25 – Luverne Chamber of Commerce with Blue Mounds State Park (TR CAMP) 10am-4pm , 7pm Roosevelt show.   Luverne, MN
  • June 29 – Northfield Historical Society with the Northfield Library  (TR CAMP) 10am-4pm , 7pm Roosevelt show.     Northfield, MN
  • July 4 – Independence Day
  • July 10 – Steele County Historical Society – Owatonna, MN  12:30 PM
  • July 16-17 – Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Park (NHS) (NPS), KY
  • Aug 12-14 – Little bull falls log jam, Mosinee, WI
  • Aug 15 – Field Trip Expo, Minnesota History Center, MN
  • Aug 16-19 Montana Conservation events, MT
  • Aug 25 – Lewis and Clark (NHT) (NPS), SD
  • Aug 25 – Missouri National Recreation River (NPS), SD
  • Aug 26-27 George Washington National Parkway (NPS), MD(DC)
  • Aug 28 – 29 – Private event, MN
  • Sept 15-17 – Missouri River Expo, Ponca State Park, NE (TR CAMP)
  • Sept 19-23 – River Rendezvous, Bloomington, MN (TR CAMP)
  • Sep 26 – Mount Olivet Careview Home
  • Sep 27 – Dakota County Heritage Library, Lakeville, MN 4:30pm and 7:00pm
  • Oct 1 – Oct 2  – Big Island Rendezvous, Albert Lea, MN (TR CAMP)
  • Oct 13 – Northwest Women’s, Plymouth, MN
  • Oct 22 – St, Michael Senior Center, St. Micheal, MN
  • Nov 1 – Covenant Village, 2 PM, Golden Valley, MN
  • Nov 7 – Eagan Seniors, Eagan, MN
  • Nov 11 – Chisago, MN
  • Nov 17-18 – Private event, Brooklyn Center, MN

2017 events

  • Jan 16 – US Senate Building, Washington, DC
  • Feb 22 – Big Foot Community Fine Arts Foundation, Walworth, WI
  • Feb 23 – Three Pillars Senior Living Communities, WI
  • March 25 –  Next Chapter Winery,  Montgomery MN  – Roosevelt! play
  • March 30 – US Senate Hearing, Washington D.C.
  • April 18-19 – Lake Geneva, WI
  • April 29 – Cannon Falls Library, Cannon Falls, MN.  10:30 am
  • May 6 – Private Event – Montgomery, MN
  • May 11-13 Fort Kearney Outdoor Expo, Kearney, Nebraska –  TR Camp
  • June 6 – Delano Community Education and Senior center, Delano, MN
  • June 10 – Carlyle Lake 50th Anniversary Celebration, Carlyle, Ill.  – TR Camp
  • June 24 -Son’s of Norway, Minneapolis, MN.
  • July 14 -16 – Gathering of TR’s, Medora, ND
  • Aug 4th- Swan Lake Wildlife Refuge – Sumner, MO
  • Aug 5 – Hoover’s Hometown Days – Parade & Boyhood home – Hebert Hoover NHS, West Branch, Iowa.
  • August 12 – Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Headquarters and
    Visitor Center – NPS, Omaha, NE
  • Aug 22 – UMR CONNECTS, Peace Plaza stage next to the Kahler Hotel, Rochester, MN.  7:00 pm public invited! (
  • Aug 28 – Mount Olivet Careview – 10 am
  • Sept 2-4 – Prairieland Chautauqua, Jacksonville, Ill.
  • Sept 14-17 Missouri River Outdoor Expo, Ponca State Park, Ponca, NE – TR Camp
  • Sept 18-22 River Rendezvous, Bloomington, MN – TR Camp  
  • Oct 17 – Fridley Senior Center, 1:00 pm, Fridley, MN
  • Oct 19 – Frank L. Weyenberg Library, WI
  • Oct 24 – 2017 SCSC Science & Nature Conference, Gustavus College, St Peter, MN
  • Nov 3 – Chaska Senior Center – Chaska, MN
  • Nov 10th – The Shores of Lake Phalen Senior Living, Maplewood, MN 2P

2018 Events

  • Jan 13 – Goodhue County Historical Society Annual Meeting, MNFeb 6 – Rochester Community and Technical College, Rochester, MN
  • Feb 20 – Anoka-Hennepin private event, MN
  • Feb 22 – Cross of Glory Church, Hopkins, Minnesota. PUBLIC EVENT! 10:30 AM
  • March 1 – Wilmar, MN
  • March 5 – Sons of Norway, Moundsview MN
  • April 3 – Lakeville Senior Center, Lakeville MN  1pm
  • April 19 – Alexandria Covenant Church, Alexandria, MN. 10:30 am
  • April 23 – Aitkin Public Library
  • April 26 – Longfellow Seward healthy senior event and fundraiser, Mpls, MN
  • April 27 – Sandstone Public Library
  • May 1- Lakeville Heritage Center, Lakeville,MN
  • May 8 – The Roosevelt’s!  Rochester, MN
  • May 10-12 – Fort Kearney Outdoor Expo, Kearney, NE (TR Camp)  Public Day May 12!
  • June 20 – Colonial Acres Health Care Center | Covenant Village of Golden Valley
  • June 22-23 Runestone Museum, Alexandria, MN
  • July 4 week (Actual date TBD) – Bong Museum, Superior WI. (TR Camp)
  • July 13-14 – Lewis and Clark Vistors Center, Omaha, NE  2018 American Solar Challenge
  • July 26-29 -Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge, TN
  • Aug 4 –The Outdoor Campus, South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, Sioux Falls, SD (TR Camp)
  • Aug 25 – Abraham Lincoln Home, Springfield, ILL.
  • Sept 6 –  Defeat of Jesse James Days Info booth – Northfield, MN
  • Sept 10 – Cambridge Public Library
  • Sept  14-16 Missouri River Outdoor Expo, Ponca State Park, Ponca, NE – (TR Camp)
  • Sept – 17-21  River Rendezvous, Bloomington, MN – (TR Camp)
  • Oct 10-13 – Historyfest, Mankato MN (TR Camp)
  • Oct 16 – Waseca-Le Sueur Regional Library System
  • Oct 18 – York Gardens, Edina MN 2pm
  • Nov 6 – School Sisters of Notre Dame, Mankato, MN
  • Nov  9 – The Sanctuary at Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Center, MN
  • Nov 13 – Rochester Community and Technical College, Rochester, MN
  • Nov 15 – Community United Methodist Church, Elm Grove, WI 1:00pm
  • Nov 19 – Lewisville, MN Public Library (at Lewisville American Legion) 2PM – St James Library 6:30PM, St. James, MN
  • Nov 26   – Mount Olivet Care Home, Mpls, MN 10:00-11am

2019 Public Events

  • Jan 3 – Masons, Shakopee MN
  • Feb 4 – New Socialables, Apple Valley, MN
  • Feb 16 – Pocahontas County Iowa Historical Society, 2:00 pm, Pocahontas, IA
  • March 12 –  St. Paul’s Lutheran school, Arlington, MN
  • March 24 – Lake Fellowship of Unitarian – “Journey” 10:15am
  • March 28  – Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge, St Cloud, MN
  • April 2 – Rush City Public Library 6:30 pm
  • April 9 – RCTC Lecture series, Rochester, MN
  • May 6-7 National Cowboy Museum, Oklahoma City, OK
  • May 9-11 Fort Kearney Outdoor Expo, Kearney NE
  • May 14 – Chisago Lakes Public Library 6:30 pm
  • May  27  – Rapidan Memorial Day Celebration, Rapidan, MN
  • June 6 – Lord of Life Lutheran OWLS  (Older and Wiser Lutherans) 1:00 pm, Maple Grove, MN
  • June 10 – St James Public Library
  • June 11 – Madelia Public Library
  • June 28-29 – Runestone Museum, Alexandria, MN  PUBLIC EVENT – TR CAMP! 
  • July 4 – “The Faces of Mount Rushmore” with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson – Bong Museum, Superior WI
  • July 19-21 – Gathering of TR’s – Medora, ND
  • July 23 – Waseca-Le Sueur Regional Library System: Waterville, MN @ 10am, Le Center @ 2pm, Waseca @ 7pm, MN
  • July 27 – TR Camp – Welch MN for Cannon Valley Bike Trail
  • July 29-Aug 2- NPS
  • Aug 3-4 – Hoover Hometown Days,  IA
  • Aug 7 – TR Camp and Stage Program, Northfield, MN
  • Aug 12-16 – NPS Tour
  • Aug 19 – Mt Olivet Careview 10am, Minneapolis. MN
  • Sept  13-15 – Missouri River Outdoor Expo, Ponca State Park, Ponca, NE
  • Sept 16-20 – River Rendezvous, Bloomington, MN
  • Oct 4 – Nebraska Games & Parks, Ponca, NE
  • Oct 7 – LEAFS, , 11 am
  • Oct 10 – Learning is Forever – St Peter, MN
  • Oct 17 – Preshomes Bloomington, MN  11:00 am
  • Oct 24 – Mantorville,MN 4-8pm
  • Nov 1 – “The Roosevelt’s” with TR & FDR. , Big Foot Fine Arts Foundation, Lake Geneva, WI
  • Dec 8-10 – Sunday Dec 8 “Roosevelt” stage show, Dec 9-10 school visits, Muscatine, IA

2020 Public Events (COVID cancellations included)

  • January 15 – Central Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN  1:00 PM
  • January 19 – Edward Curtis exhibit, LeCenter, MN 1-5pm
  • Feb 3 – New sociables, Eagan MN.
  • Feb. 19 – Rochester Community College –  1 pm

  • Feb 25 – Applewood Point Shore

  • March 19 – Redeemer Lutheran White Bear Lake, MN 10 am.

  • April 14 – Rochester Community College –  1 pm

  • May 7-8-9 – Fort Kearney Outdoor Expo, Kearney, NE (TR CAMP)
  • May 14 -Trinidad Water Festival, Trinidad, Colorado, Trinidad State Junior College Campus
  • May 23,24,25 – Edward Curtis exhibit, LeCenter, MN
  • June 2 –  Apple Valley Senior Center, (public welcome)14601 Hayes Road, Apple Valley, MN 11am
  • June 12-13- History Alive! Runestone Museum ,  Alexandria, MN (TR CAMP)
  • June 16 – Rochester Community College –  1 pm
  • June 20  – Aitkin County Rivers and Lakes Fair
  • June 27-28 – Stagecoach Day’s, Mantorville, MN. (TR CAMP)
  • July 4 – Bong Museum, Superior, WI (Cancelled)
  • July 16 – (tentative) Bronx Zoo, NY
  • July  30-31 -Rock County Fair , Luverne (Cancelled)
  • August 8 – Wedding
  • September 18-20 – Ponca Outdoor Expo, Ponca, NE (TR CAMP) (Cancelled)
  • September 21-25 – River Rendezvous, Bloomington, MN (TR CAMP) (cancelled)
  • September 25 – Springbrook Pavilion Activity Center (PAC) 7pm, open the public
  • Sept 26 – Little Falls  1:00-2:00 (Cancelled)
  • Oct 29 – Lakeville, MN  Thursday, October 29 .  The program would be 6:30 to 7:30 (cancelled)


  • March 11 – Nebraska Women’s Conservation program
  • March 19 – Redeemer Lutheran Church , 3770 Bellaire Ave., White Bear Lake
  • April 14 & 15 AND April 28 & 29 – Fort Kearney Outdoor Expo
  • June 19 – Aitkin County Rivers and Lakes Fair
  • June 26-27 – Fort Stevenson Military Days – Garrison ND, Fort Stevenson State Park (TR Camp + 45 Minute Programs)
  • July 4 – Bong Museum, Superior, WI
  • July 28-31 – Rock County Fair, Luverne, MN
  • Aug 7-8-9 Nebraska State Parks 100th anniversary.
  • Sept 17, 18, 19 Missouri River Expo, Ponca, Neb.  (TR Camp)
  • Sept 20-25  River Rendezvous, Bloomington, MN (TR CAMP)
  • Oct 2 – Online – Orphan Train Riders – Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, 116 8th Avenue SE
    Little Falls, Minnesota   Open to the public, admission fee to attend
  • Oct 12 – Minnesota Dakota County Public Library, Eagan. 6:30-7:30pm, public invited.
  • Nov 14 – Lousiana – BSA Lousiana, 7 pm
  • Nov 18 – Minnesota Redeemer Lutheran Church, 3770 Bellaire Ave, White Bear Lake, MN , senior program

Nov 30 – Minnesota Coffee with Teddy


  • February 26 – Minnesota, Mankato Public Library 10:30 am – FREE to public
  • March 23 – Minnesota St Peter Public Library – 2 PM – FREE to the public
  • April 21 – Wisconsin Brookfield Public Library – “Life of Teddy Roosevelt” – 7:00 PM – FREE to the public
  • May 5-7 – Fort Kearney Expo, Kearney, Nebraska- TR Camp
  • June 16 -Cub Scout Day Camp, Kennesaw, GA, 2 pm ET
  • June 17 – Brookdale Senior Living, Edina. 2pm
  • June 18 – River and Lakes fair, Long Lake Conservation Center, 28952 438th Lane, Palisade, MN 
  • July 4 – Bong Museum, Superior, WI
  • August 6 – Hoover Hometown Days, West Branch, IA
  • Sept 10 – Rend Lake Visitor Center and Dam West Recreation Area, Benton, IL  -TR Camp
  • Sept 16-18 – Ponca Outdoor Expo, Ponca, NE – TR Camp
  • Sept 20-24 – River Rendezvous, Bloomington, MN – TR Camp
  • Sept 27 – WAFWA convention, Lincoln, NE
  • Oct 5 – Apple Valley Senior Center, MN 11:am
  • Oct – Big Island Rendezvous, Albert Lea, MN – TR Camp Tentative
  • Oct – History Fest, Mankato, MN – TR Camp Tentative

Whew!  No wonder I am tired!

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