The importance of positive influence


2016 has been a whirlwind year of presentations across the country on the wit, wisdom and leadership of Theodore Roosevelt.  As I have traveled during this turbulent political year, I have purposely focused on bringing a positive message to my audiences.

One of hope.

My emphasis has been on the importance of overcoming our obstacles in life (TR and his asthma).  I speak often on Roosevelt’s skill of making friends across a spectrum of interests, status and experience (TR had friends from Cowboys to Kings).  I stress the importance of a good handshake and an honest look in the eye.

We need positive inputs, because I believe we are being conditioned to react only to negative ones. If we believe as a society that the only way to progress is to beat down those next to us, we are missing the message that TR wanted us to learn: The idea that we all deserve a square deal in this country.

A square deal is one built on the positive.  Work hard, be honest and do your part – and in the end, you will live a good life and leave a good name. But it is larger than that.  In the end, if we all do it right, we leave behind a stronger country for our children and their children.

You have impact.  Your children are watching you and taking cues from how you behave towards others.  They watch your actions and will model what they see.  Do it right, and the reward will be large.  A legacy of great generations after you.