Teddy Roosevelt in the Badlands

I am often asked, “How did you get started “being Teddy”?”

It all began with a photo, taken in Des Moines, Iowa.   In it, I saw a striking resemblance to our 26th President.  After research, I discovered I was the same height and weight, with the same color eyes and hair as Roosevelt.  Since that day in 2007, I have not looked back, enjoying an incredible journey as I recreate an amazing, multi-faceted man.  I am lucky to be able to entertain, educate and engage thousands of people each year by “Being Teddy”.

My work takes me across the country, from schools to conventions, board rooms to theaters – all in the spirit and resemblance of Theodore Roosevelt.

The comment I hear most often is “It felt like I was really talking to President Roosevelt!”

A focus on doing it right

My impersonation and living history representation of the 26th President has been honored to have won 1st place in national competition in 2011, 2012 and 2013.  I was flattered in 2013 to achieve a perfect score for my portrayal – the first and only time it has occurred in the competition’s 37 year history.

Winning contests is not my goal in portraying Roosevelt. My real joy comes from helping my audience suspend belief;  taking them back to a time in our country’s history where anything was possible with hard work and determination.

My Promise

If you utilize me at your next event, I promise to create memorable event where your audience feels they have met Roosevelt and walk away entertained and engaged.

If you have a need for Theodore Roosevelt Impersonator and powerful presenter, I’ll accommodate your needs!  I work with budgets, so feel free to contact me.


I educate over 20,000+ school children each year on our 26th President. Children love Teddy and they often wonder if I am the movie star from the “Night at the Museum” series.   My programs are taught to the specific grades, from K-12 grade and College and University.   The largest percentage of the students I teach represent 4-6th grade.

Roosevelt’s lessons focus on over-coming obstacles; life-long learning; dreaming big and working hard, and; honesty and doing the right thing.   The message is delivered in Roosevelt’s voice and energy and it resonates with children.  Delivering the messages in the form of living history helps them remember the lesson as something special and important.

Civic and Non Profit

Roosevelt was the member of many civic organizations and I continue his passion by speaking to civic and nonprofits on conservation, leadership and volunteerism.  My talks are written to inspire, engage and cement the understanding of how participation in important causes helps us all.

Corporate & Conventions

Each year I find myself presenting at numerous conventions on leadership; the importance of doing the right thing and; hope for tomorrow.  Roosevelt’s message is one of reinvention, of picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off and living each day with a goal for a better tomorrow.  The message is still as strong today as it was at the turn of the last century – perhaps now even more so.

Contact me!  

I am fully insured through The Reenactors Performance Group

Adam Lindquist

A little more about Adam

I have been fortunate to have parents who always encouraged me to not be afraid to try and accept that I wouldn’t always succeed (sound like the guy I portray?).  Because of that, I have enjoyed a career in marketing that has allowed me to be a part of helping grow several businesses, some which you have heard of and probably enjoy!  My life has been one of reinvention (again, sounds familiar!)

  • Experienced Marketing Director with executive positions in start-ups to Billion dollar Corporations
  • Owner of a Minnesota vineyard
  • Co-author of the dictionary on Adaptive Equipment for differently-abled
  • Married for 23 years to a wonderful, patient wife (who when she really wants my attention yells “TEDDY!”
  • One grown son in who works in the Minnesota wine business

Portraying Roosevelt has taught me many things about life and myself and I share those lessons often as part of my speaking engagements.

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