A life lesson from The Buckhorn Exchange, Denver, Colorado

Some old west characters at the Buckhorn

Some old west characters at the Buckhorn

For many years my good friend Buffalo Bill Cody (Tom Doroff) and I traveled to Golden, Colorado to be part of the annual Buffalo Bill Birthday Bash.   This celebration included a competition for living history performers to show their stuff, be quizzed on their knowledge by subject matter experts and earn bragging rights.

After three years of driving 900 miles through blizzards either one way or both, Tom and I decided we had tested our guardian angels enough and hung up our competition hats.  All our wives and friends had as reference point to the event was our greatly amplified stories of the past.

That all changed when Tom wrote me to tell me he had decided that his travel schedule was going to have him in Colorado during the bash and did I want to join him and his better half?    It was going to be held for the first time in many years at our favorite restaurant (and historic landmark) in Denver, The Buckhorn Exchange.  The Buckhorn was a favorite destination of both the real Buffalo Bill Cody and Theodore Roosevelt.  (Many of the amazing preserved animal mounts there are from Roosevelt himself)

Soon, I had gathered my beautiful bride and our good friend Bat.  We all watched and enjoyed Tom perform to earn coveted 2nd place.

Because of my busy schedule, I seldom get the opportunity to watch others at their craft.  It’s so helpful for me to see how others bring to life the people they portray and gain insights so I can hone my own abilities.   I certainly love presenting TR to audiences across the U.S., but I also enjoy learning from others about characters from history I perhaps had never heard of whom I have come to appreciate because of these talented individuals.

It was at the first event I attended many years ago that Colorado’s Official Buffalo Bill Cody, Ralph Melfi, described us all  by a term I have really taken to heart =  Living History Performer.  I believe it really describes how those of us who re-create these important people should be. Living = Bringing to “life” a person from the past who has an important message for the future or who impacted our own way of life.  History = A past that is worth remembering because it has a meaning for us (sometimes positive and sometimes negative) presented in a way that is not a text book.  Performer = A reminder that we have a responsibility to tell the story in a way that engages, enthralls, amuses and delights the people who are watching.

I was lucky to see amazing talent who once again mentored me through their sharing of their skills.  Thank you to those who continue to inspire young and old with important messages from our ancestors of the past.

Thank you as well to the Buckhorn Exchange for preserving history at their location (and their awesome menu), and supporting those who do so outside of their wonderful restaurant.


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