Dare to do mighty things!

Teedie Roosevelt at age 4

“Teedie” Roosevelt at age 4

Obstacles are something we all face in life and learning how to overcome them is an important lesson that helps build who we become.

Theodore Roosevelt was born with Asthma and many physicians at the time believed it was potentially fatal to the young boy.    His broken body meant that much of his time was spent in bed, reading about the thing that he desired most that he could not do – adventure.  His resolve was to find a way first in his mind to imagine adventure and then push his body to make the dream into a reality.

It was his personal drive fueled on by support from his father that allowed him to “Dare to do mighty things”.   If he failed, “at least he failed while daring greatly!”

This message is as important today to our children as it is a reminder to adults: That is important to dream and try and understand that success is not guaranteed but that failure is seldom permanent.

Roosevelt accomplished great things because he tried – and you can too!



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