Presenting history while making history

Theodore Roosevelt laid the cornerstone to the building that would house the Lincoln cabin on Feb 12 1909, the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.  To celebrate this event, the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park allowed me the honor of giving the speech that Roosevelt gave on that historic day.

To be part of the 100th Anniversary of the National Park service celebration and more specifically to be given this privilege  on the 100th birthday of the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park, was an amazing experience.  Roosevelt’s words were as poignant today as they were then.

As I spoke, I was fortunate to have something Roosevelt did not – the memorial in front of me, the 56 steps leading to a magnificent building that holds a small log cabin that reminds us that great leaders come often from humble beginnings.  A tribute to a true leader who forever saved this nation.

I was fortunate to be joined with many great speakers that day, including an amazing FDR, Einsenhower, Lincoln and Mark Twain.    More importantly, I was assisted by a park staff that was passionate, committed and who truly love their jobs, their parks and their country.

I will be forever humbled by the opportunity to recreate history while becoming part of the history of this amazing place.   Thank you Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park and the National Park Service.