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Boy Scouts at Sagamore Hill

Teddy Roosevelt was made “Chief Citizen Scout” by the Boy Scouts when it was founded in 1910.

“More and more I have grown to believe in the Boy Scout movement. I regard it as one of the movements most full of promise for the future here in America. The Boy Scout movement is distinctly an asset to our country for the development of efficiency, virility, and good citizenship. It is essential that its leaders be men of strong, wholesome character; of unmistakable devotion to our country, its customs and ideals, as well as in soul and by law citizens thereof, whose wholehearted loyalty is given to this nation, and to this nation alone.”

In this program, Teddy shares his story about overcoming obstacles and taking on challenges to become a recognized leader – skills taught and encouraged through Boy Scouting.  The fact that the President was one of them engages scouts to think about what they have within themselves and the great country they represent.

The typical program runs for 45 minutes with 15-30 minutes of question and answer.

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